Food and Culture - Namskar Edition

We had Indian food cuisine at Namskar for our next FDC 100 Food and Culture class. We were served a variety of dishes and I found that I enjoyed the vegetarian dishes most.

Try the palak paneer covered with creamy spinach and the vegetable pakoras, dipped in a spicy batter of chick pea flour and deep fried.

More information on the course can be found here.

"Dive into the history of food while dining on Greek moussaka and kefhedes and Japanese sushi and sashimi. Explore the tradition of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and find the balance of flavour and presentation in Contemporary cuisine. Dine with us as we discover the food cultures of five diverse civilizations as presented in local restaurants. Each meal is an additional $30, including GST and gratuity, and is paid directly to the restaurant."

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