Curry beef brisket laksa with vermicelli Soya milk with grass jelly and red bean - the grass jelly version was refreshing. Deep fried eggs with sambal sauce Flaky roti canai - the curry dip was good.

Curry Beef Brisket Laksa at Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine

Peaches, Kelly, bearhungry and I had been wanting to try Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine for a while now so we stopped by recently for lunch.

Overall, I’m happy to have another option to enjoy Malaysian (and Taiwanese) fare in Calgary. In particular, I liked the soya milk with grass jelly, the spicy curry beef brisket laksa with vermicelli and the flaky roti canai! 

It was very busy when we arrived, so we were glad to have made reservations. I’d recommend ordering take out instead to beat the rush. 

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