Food and Culture - Kinjo Sushi & Grill Edition

For our second FDC 100 Food and Culture class, we arrived at the newest location of Kinjo Sushi & Grill on Millrise. Kinjo has a lively environment making it a good setting for large groups and families. As an employee of Kinjo, there is even a list of 11 Kinjo songs to memorize in order to “make customers HAPPY”. Although the trademark Kinjo antics may give me a scare, I can understand the appeal of Kinjo with its reasonable prices and variety of offerings.

During the night, we were treated to dishes from the Party Set Menu:

  • Miso soup (miso paste, tofu, green onion, seaweed, fish powder)
  • Fish roe (flying fish roe, smelt roe, salmon roe)
  • Seaweed salad (seaweed, lettuce, tomato, strawberry, avocado, sesame seed, house salad dressing)
  • Edamame
  • Oyster with ponzu sauce
  • Sushi (salmon, tuna, shrimp, smoked salmon)
  • Assorted rolls (volcano, California, spicy salmon, dynamite)
  • Tempura (shrimp, vegetable)
  • Ikageso (deep fried squid)
  • Chicken katsu (deep fried breaded chicken cutlet)
  • Spring roll
  • Magic steak
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Sauteed assorted vegetables
  • Rice

Of course, a night at Kinjo is not complete without a complimentary box of strawberry Pocky!

More information on the course can be found here.

"Dive into the history of food while dining on Greek moussaka and kefhedes and Japanese sushi and sashimi. Explore the tradition of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and find the balance of flavour and presentation in Contemporary cuisine. Dine with us as we discover the food cultures of five diverse civilizations as presented in local restaurants. Each meal is an additional $30, including GST and gratuity, and is paid directly to the restaurant."

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