What’s New With Food - Candela at Alloy Edition

We have now reached the midway point of FDC 105 What’s New With Food and class 3 brought us to Alloy, but with one twist - the food being served were menu items from Candela Lounge

Turns out that the space in Candela wasn’t suitable for the requirements of our class, but since Candela and Alloy share the same owners, they were able to accommodate our group at this alternate location.

The small-plate menu at Candela is meant for sharing and there is a wide variety  of tapas to choose from (seafood, vegetables, grilled, fried etc.). I have also stopped by Candela a few times before and their cocktails are quite good (rhubarb mojito!). 

More information on the course can be found here.

"Our most popular course returns with five of the newest, freshest, and most interesting restaurants in the city. Visit the best of the new batch of eateries. All provide great food and an interesting story. Each meal is an additional $30, including GST and gratuity, and is paid directly to the restaurant."

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