Kabocha Korokke - deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette w/ a boiled egg inside Cherry Blossom - peach liqueur, cassis liqueur, red wine, 7up Guu Original Ramune Gomaae - blanched spinach w/ black sesame sauce Spicy Negitoro - spicy chopped B.C. salmon with scallion Kinoko Bibimbap - rice, mushroom & cheese w/ seaweed sauce in sizzling stone bowl

Inventive Dishes at Guu Izakaya on Church

During my recent visit to Toronto, I stopped by Guu Izakaya, which serves up izakaya menu items with a twist.

Throughout the course of the night, we sampled small but flavourful dishes such as kabocha korokke, a deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette with a boiled egg inside and gomaae, blanched spinach topped with an addictive sweet black sesame sauce.

We also enjoyed the kinoko bibimbap, a mixture of rice, mushroom and cheese with seaweed sauce served in a sizzling stone bowl (cheese on top of almost anything = perfection). Overall, it was a fun experience, especially with the lively atmosphere at Guu!

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