Love the presentation for the drinks at Xocolat. So pretty! Xocolat Posh Mexican Cuisine Pink accents are seen throughout the room. You can hang your purses on little trees as well. Cute! Margarita Xocolat (non alcoholic version) - Tamarind, Agave Syrup, Tajin Spice. Xocolat offers non-alcoholic versions for all of their cocktails, decorative garnishes intact. Complimentary amuse bouche - jicama mango salad with a refreshing hint of sweetness. Caracol - ecargot, mashed potato, chorizo, cilantro, chili oil Huarache - corn masa, beef, black bean, queso fresco Tequila mousse with agave syrup and lime - beautiful presentation. Crack open the lime shell for the tequila mousse. Pie de Mango - Mango pie w/ marshmallow, cotton candy layers.

Fab Drinks, Desserts and Mexican Cuisine at Xocolat

A week or so ago, I had my first visit to Xocolat Posh Mexican Cuisine in the pleasant company of @momwhoneedswine, @terrylo_calgary@frauleinskierka and @mscglouie.

The service was great! Sergio Ledesma and his staff were very helpful in explaining the menu items which were unfamiliar to me and in providing recommendations. I appreciated the quality ingredients, emphasis of flavours and use of spices in the dishes. In addition to the authentic Mexican cuisine offered at Xocolat, remember to leave room for their beautifully presented drinks and creative desserts. Seriously, the drinks are so pretty to look at.

In particular, the Pie de Mango stood out for me and it now stands as my new favourite mango dessert in Calgary. In addition to being visually stunning, the contrast in flavours and textures of the mango, cotton candy and marshmallows layers melded wonderfully.

At the end of the meal, you are also treated to a complimentary tequila chili chocolate truffle. Yum! I’d like to go back with friends to try the Late Night Menu available from 10PM-2AM.

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