MARKET Big Taste 2013 - $85pp for a 5 course meal with wine pairings. The wines paired nicely with each course. Casual vibe and fresh ingredients at MARKET. Attention ladies: there are purse hooks at every table. Seriously convenient. The Uptown 17th (Cognac, Apricot Brandy, Chai tea & Cranberry Puree) and MARKET Lemon Lime homemade soda. Green Salad - simple, but incredibly fresh. Watermelon radish was the best part! Butternut squash soup - pumpkin seeds added a nice touch. Bison Flank, Pressed Potato, Brussels Sprout w/ carrot purée. Plancha octo, pork belly, mustard. Melt  in your mouth pork belly was crispy and   satisfying. Dessert - Chocolate Pot Au Crème. Not usually a fan of chocolate, but this dessert won me over. Enjoyed the creamy texture and cookie chunks.

Fresh Ingredients (and Purse Hooks) at MARKET

When I saw that MARKET was offering a gourmet menu during the Big Taste, I immediately made reservations. For $85, you were able to enjoy a 5 course meal with 4 wine pairings.

The thing that impressed me most about MARKET was the quality and freshness of the ingredients, from the watermelon radish in the green salad to the brussels sprouts in the bison dish. I also found myself in the early stages of addiction for the refreshing MARKET Lemon Lime homemade soda (devoid of artificial flavouring).

All in all, I’d like to come back and sample more of the lunch and dinner menus.

Side note: Ladies, there are purse hooks at every table. Seriously convenient! I wish every restaurant had these.

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